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Childcare Professionals Association(CCPA)

A professional membership body promoting best practice and supporting Childcare Professionals to deliver high quality standards of care and early learning for all young children and families.

Learn More About Our Various Memberships

Membership Benefits:

CCPA represents your voice internationally while providing a variety of information, networking, and educational opportunities to meet your needs.

You will have access to valuable industry information and tools you can use immediately to enhance your business and professional development.

Professional Networking Opportunities:
Network with Industry professionals from all over the world to develop valuable relationships. Networking opportunities happen everyday through our member only FB Group and at our various seminars and conferences.

Team up with CCPA Members
As a CCPA member, you have the opportunity to join or head a committee, become an Instructor, coach, mentor, influence programs and processes, or serve on the board of directors.

Member-Only Access
Gain access to our Library(optional) where we are building an educational toolbox for childcare professionals.

CCPA Membership Logo
Help Professionalize the Industry by letting the world know you abide by CCPA’s commitment to professional excellence and recommended practices.

All CCPA Members will receive a CCPA Member Logo for their personal and official use, on their website, social media platform or resume. Their Logo will indicate their class of membership.

Annual Award Program
An opportunity to recognise the positive impact a CCPA member has made in the lives of the children in her care as a staff or as a centre.

The Awardees are selected annually from different nominees across the chapters. A special luncheon is held in the Awardees’ honour.

CCPA Support Groups
Members will be able to join various support groups according to their needs. Some of these support groups include:

  • Emotional Well being and Mental Health Support Group
  • Business Finance Support Group
  • SEND Support Group

We believe there is strength in numbers, and together we can make a difference.

Join us today!

For further enquiries on membership registrations, send a mail to

CPD courses for Members (Optional)

Our Membership Categories

To qualify for affiliate membership, applicants must have completed a Beginner course in Childcare from any of our accredited centres.
To qualify for student membership, applicants must have completed a Certificate in Infant and Toddler Care from any of our accredited centres.
To qualify for professional membership, applicants must have completed a Certificate in Professional Childcare Course from any of our accredited centres.