About Us

Who Are We?

Childcare Professionals Association (CCPA) is a Professional Membership body, promoting best practice and supporting Childcare Professionals to deliver high quality standards of Care and Early Learning for all young children and families.

This Association provides a platform for Childcare Professionals to build unique capacity and competence in childcare services, operations, administration, management and early learning.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to further ensure professional ethics, high standard and sound knowledge of members in the profession, through professional trainings, updates in the form of trainings, resources, seminars, workshops, conferences, awards and recognitions etc.

CCPA leverages the expertise of professionals in various Chapters around the globe to help increase awareness about the childcare industry and to develop the professional skills of childcare practitioners.

Our Core Values

CCPA was established to encourage and recognize excellence in Childcare programs. We remain focused on the interests of children by promoting benchmarks for high quality standard throughout the childcare profession.

CCPA has adopted and implemented a set of principled business ethics and conduct that acknowledges and expresses our strong commitment and responsibility to our programs and the children we serve.

In our quest for excellence, we aspire to faithful adherence to these founding principles. Our activities will consistently be in harmony with these original concepts and principles, so that we may continue to be a force for ethical business conduct within the childcare industry.

Our Core Values are:

  1. Integrity
  2. Excellence
  3. Responsibility
  4. Reliability
  5. Commitment

Aims & Objectives of the Association

  1. To improve professional practice and working conditions of childcare professionals.
  2. To support childcare providers by working to achieve a high-quality system and standard of childcare services.
  3. To build a high performing organization of groups and individuals who are committed to promoting excellence in childcare services.
  4. To provide professional development opportunities and resources for those who work with children.
  5. To set, publicize and monitor standards that promote excellence in childcare services.
  6. Implement systems to recognize childcare professionals and care centres that meet the set standards and guidelines.
  7. Promote the improvement of childcare services through seminars, workshops, mandatory continuing professional development of childcare professionals.
  8. Set and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics and discipline among its members.
  9. Seek and protect the welfare and interest (both economic and social) of members of the association, and to foster public interest in matters affecting the practice of childcare.
  10. To undertake research, study and collate information from any part of the world on the latest development and technologies in the practice of the profession, and to make such information available to its registered members.
  11. To promote the interest of members through affiliation and membership of international professional associations.

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