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Awards and Prize Giving in Early Years Settings

Recognizing and rewarding children’s achievements is a significant part of early childhood settings.

“Awards and Prize Giving in Early Years Settings – Considering the Ethics” helps you understand the ethical considerations in giving awards and prizes, enabling you to make thoughtful and appropriate choices that support children’s growth.

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  1. The rewards of seeing your Staff, Children and parents glowing from the rightly given awards is well worth the expenses. There is always something you can give to appreciate that is within your abilities,means and limitations. Thank you for this. Happy Teachers day!!!

  2. I learnt that every child deserves an award in preschool because they are still developing.

    Instead of best in subjects, we should find the uniqueness of the children and award them for it.

  3. This topic is a boom to me I like it very well. Thank you Mrs Helen Uzoka for always imparting knowledge.

  4. Such a great insight! I never thought I could put something together on paper to appreciate them, very true! I have always thought it should be done with tangibles.

    Can’t thank you enough ma’am. You are simply the best.

  5. Appreciating the uniqueness of each child in a creche is a major thing I have learned in this course. It will end up building wholesome adults. The benefits far outweigh the cost. Thank you Ma’am.

  6. Thanks ma’am, this is an aspect that causes alot of grievances among school owners and parent but with it done the way you explained, it solves alot of issues

  7. This lesson has answered a lot of questions running through my mind on how to successfully have a successful awards and prize giving day. Thanks a lot for the insight shared.

  8. Emotional intelligence well mapped out.
    These lessons have taught on how appealing to the emotions of the children, parents and staff can help to ensure the continuous improvement and development of the individual concerned and the institution at large.
    What better way to appeal to their emotions, than appreciating their contributions?
    Thanks so much for this insight, Mrs. H.

  9. Wow! Thank you so much Mrs Helen for this topic. As I plan to start up my creche, I wouldn’t have thought of award giving in a creche but now I’m so glad that you’ve given us this lecture. Thank you once again. I’ve learned a lot.

  10. Waooooooo. This lecture was quite inspirational. Learnt a lot that appreciating the uniqueness in every child is very important. Also celebrating the care givers, teachers and parents are good boost to their morale thereby aiding the growth of the facility.
    Once again thank you very much Mrs H for a job well done.
    I’m already brainstorming with my daughter and staff on how to start somethingπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β™₯οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  11. This course is an opener on the appreciation parents and children attach to prize giving. A very insightful πŸ‘ πŸ‘Œ course. Thank you ma. May God continue to bless you. Ethel Orode-Obiomah

  12. WoW! Great eye Opener in the lessons, stage by stage, Cutting across the children, parents and Teachers. Thanks so much. Glad to be back Associated with this body.

  13. Awards and Prizegiving- not just for the children but also staff and even parents.
    The effect of this would be a school community where each member is happy and willing to put in their best. In the end, the school has a lot to gain.
    Thank you, Mrs H.

  14. Thanks for this topic ma. It’s a great reminder for us to do the needful and right on time. Award is surely a very good motivator. Thanks for simplify this aspect and I am really loving this. Thank you!

  15. I’ve learnt that every child should get an award. Know each child uniqueness and appreciate them. Caregivers needs to be rewarded by giving them awards. When you do they will be more eager to put more effort to their jobs.

  16. Wow, thank you so much Ma, this is insightful. Giving every child an award, the parents will really be excited and no child will feel bad. And the name Award and prize giving makes a whole lot of sense.

  17. Ugwuezi Chile

    This is quite insightful, every child is unique and should be appreciated and celebrated accordingly. Than you so much a this great piece

  18. Joy Etareri

    Thanks alot Mrs Helen. Really Educative. I will certainly incorporate this in my preschool.

  19. Wow, very inspiring and priceless tips. It goes a long way in promoting and enhancing the quality and atmosphere of your facility. Tnx ma’am ❣

  20. This Topic is a most know. No matter how seemingly small the award it means alot. Every Child and well meaning member of staff is unique and should be appreciated. Welldone Mrs H.


    This topic is an eye-opener for me. It is very practical and also one of the ways to increase loyalty. God bless you ma. I sure learnt

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