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Developing Your Standard Operating Procedures

Efficiency and consistency are essential in childcare operations.

“Developing Your Standard Operating Procedures” teaches you how to create and implement standardized procedures, ensuring that daily operations run smoothly, and that high-quality care is maintained.

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  1. Thoroughly appreciate this lesson.
    I have always told the people I work with- “Do your job in a way that anyone can continue it if you are not around”. I just realised that what I have been trying to tell them is to follow the Standard Operating Procedure.
    What an eye-opener!
    Now it is going to be official. I am going back to the drawing board- there must be a standard operating procedure for every routine – and every staff must know about it.

  2. Thank you for enlightening me, now I see and understand the enormous benefit of not just having the best policy but also implementing it.

  3. I thought i know standard operating procedure, now this is a Big eye opener for me. All the topics and sub-topics are well noted ma’am. Thank you for this great training, you are highly blessed.

  4. This is really helpful I read and digested it and also with every lesson thought of practical ways to put all these in my facility. All these should be documented in every facility. Thank you very much ma

  5. Thank you so much ma.

    With SOP, business operations and daily routines in the Care Centre/School will go smoothly for both the staff and the Centre owner and one can easily address challenges by bringing solution to the table without much struggles when the need arises.

    I have gained so much from this platform in terms of lectures delivery, dissemination of information, managing people and so much more, all of this were made possible because of genuine SOP.

    I am now a better version and more loaded that when I just joined.

    I really do appreciate.

    Please Ma, the Embrace meeting means so much to me, please don’t scrap it. Let those of us that value it keep attending.

    Thank you Ma.

  6. Thank you very much Ma. I really appreciate the lesson as it has helped me not only for a child care business but every other business plan I have in mind to establish.

    Once again I say a very big Thank you.👍

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