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Daycare Lead Generation & Follow Up

In the competitive world of childcare, effective lead generation and nurturing potential clients are essential.

Discover the strategies for generating leads and following up with prospective parents, ensuring a steady flow of enquiries and enrolments.

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  1. You have done well ma. Teaching us and allowing us to learn with payment of peanut, may God continue to bless you. A very good topic that will enable us keep tab on a prospect that will end up being a client/ parent. Learning here always. Merci ma

  2. This topic is very crucial at this point of our centre, it will enable us know who our real clients are and how to follow them up.πŸ‘ŒπŸ™

  3. “From a Stranger – to a Visitor – to a Lead – to a Customer”
    I am determined to follow through to the end.
    Not every stranger is my customer but at least I must try.

  4. This topic is Awesome, I love it so much, and I have learnt a lot from the topic.Now I understand better that from
    Stranger -Visitor-Customer-Lead.
    God bless you ma for all you do in Jesus name.

  5. I have learnt to be more detailed in my records when I have leads so as to turn them into customers. Knowing full well that not all will buy our services.

  6. I like this topic it is an eye opener for me. Knowing who is lead and a time wasting person. We learn everyday and have taken notes of important of this crucial topic in childcare business. Thank you Mrs Uzoka.

  7. Thanks so much ma, for this wonderful topic. I have learnt a lot on how to handle lead generation. God bless you ma.

  8. Thank you so much for this topic ma. I have learned the importance of follow up in the childcare business.

  9. Thank you so much Mrs.Helen. You always have a way of spicing up our enthusiasm. This is a topic we never give attention to. Thank you for making us see it in a clear picture

  10. You see that follow up aspect, I am really lacking… I had to quickly go and save some numbers so I can send updates. I have learnt and I will do better with the leads I get.. thank you ma’am. God bless you.

  11. Hauwa Okoro

    Thanks so much ma. I have learnt a lot.
    My take home =Stranger-visitor-customer-lead.
    Very interesting topic

  12. This is a great topic for me, I have learnt a lot about Generation Lead and Follow Up. It is very timely and rightly on point, thank you Mrs Helen Uzoka for creating this association. I’m ever greatful for joining CCPA .

  13. Thanks very much Ma’am for opening our eyes on who actually is a “lead” and how to follow such leads up. I learnt a lot. God will surely bless you and give you more insight on the nature of topic you will be coaching us on.

  14. Dorcas Ade

    Always learning a lot from beginning a member of CCPA. Not everyone is my client. We need to know how to identify people that we need to let go of.

  15. Thank you for sharing your wealth of experience.
    This is rich, and so insightful. Knowledge gained can be applied to other businesses too.

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