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Profitability in Childcare Business

Profitability in Childcare Business

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36 thoughts on “Profitability in Childcare Business”

      1. I learnt a lot from this particular training, its an eye opener, I learnt that only the experience and trained people get it right these days, it’s important to have a plan towards our businesses because is a key component to know if we are moving forward or backward. I learnt that I have to maintain my expenses and put a target ahead to achieve. I learnt that what my parents need matters alot than what I need, Lastly working professionally in my daily activities attract more people to come, thanks ma and God bless you always ❤ 🙏

  1. I learnt a lot in this course. It doesn’t matter how many years you have run your daycare business, is it this yielding as much as when you started it? One need to go back to her vision and aim of starting the business and re-strategize. And strategic planning should be done periodically. Thanks very much Ma’am.

  2. Educational qualification is not enough, one needs to be exposed to the skills of running the business of childcare from professional experts who have proven successful in the field. Thank you ma’am for the the wealth of knowledge shared.

  3. I truly appreciate your input , insight and trainings. So much to learn from here even for the Methuselahs in the profession who are still struggling to keep their businesses afloat. This is one course that needs some materials for continued study…. ?🙏.

  4. Thank you ma.
    I’ve learnt about how to have a business knowledge in daycare but if you don’t know you will struggle.
    Give your customers what they want. Never impose on them what you want. Price is nothing to them when you give them value.
    Operate your centre with competent staff.
    Always have a policy in place.
    Your business will move forward when you have a strategy in olace
    When you control your income you will maintain your budget. Let the business generate its income.

  5. Waoo. This course is loaded and it has re-awakened me that it’s important to have business plan and put strategy in place to achieve what I have written ie strategic plan which I must review constantly to ensure I achieve my goals. Having degree in education is not the only criteria to have Childcare Facility but I must upgrade myself through constant training to excel in Childcare Business.

    Thank you ma for the training.

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