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  1. This topic is a very vital one that really need to be taught every time for parents to know the consequences of their actions before time. Siblings rivalry has caused more harms than good in somany homes. The society at large needs to be enlightened on the negative effects of rivalry.

    Thank you so much ma’am for this topic. God bless you ma.

  2. Thank you ma for this beautiful topic. I believe it’s a topic every parent must be aware of ‘Sibling rivalry’ so as not to give room for strife among siblings but rather build a strong bond for the friendly and lasting relationship among siblings.
    Once this is established, even in our absence, siblings can see themselves as ‘collaborators’ and not as ‘competitors.

    Thank you for all you do Coach🙏

  3. This month topic is a very important topic, I have really learnt a lot about Siblings Rival. It is an eye opener for me. I promise to use the knowledge I gain from the training to teach young mothers too. Thank you so much Mrs Helen for this innovation.

  4. I am fully convinced that my joining this group is not by accident it’s God divine arrangement this is because of answers I ve bn getting to all the questions I ve looking for answers to for years here is a very critical problem in my home I have looking for how to solve thank you so much Mrs Helen you are God sent

  5. This is a great lesson for all parents and teachers. Sometimes I used to compare my two children but I discovered the younger would always say “ehhhenn I dont know anything hheen thank you” and he would shake his head when I noticed this attitude of his I stopped. I am grateful as this will go along way in helping me to adjust fully.

  6. Honestly, I love this subject and it’s another area of impact. All parent should learn from the everything especially addressing and correcting them individually in love and maturity.
    As it boost love, cooperation, maturity and healthy relationship at home.

  7. Thanks so much ma’am for this topic. (Siblings Rivalry)There was a time my daughter wanted something from me and I refused, then she pleaded, “please mummy listen to me for once, I beg you in name of my younger sister” That was when it dawned on me what has been going on in her head

  8. This is a serious issue in families. I have seen parents who make it very obvious that a particular child is their favorite.
    Thank you for this topic. There’s a lot to learn from here. Thankfully, I was able to carry my 2year old daughter along when I was pregnant. She’ll help me rub oil on my tummy and would always call the baby’s name whenever he kicks in the tummy. Now the baby is here, she has been the sweetest big sis. Always playing gently around the baby and helps me run little errands like bringing baby’s diaper and stuff like that.

  9. This topic is so crucial, because sometimes my children tend to gang up against each other.
    And honestly most times I am clueless as to how to resolve their differences.
    But I happy for this exposure I have now, this we enable me on how to mediate in their affairs without taking sides henceforth.
    Thank you ma’am.

  10. It was a fabulous time going through this course. Thank you for touching real life experiences and making me learn a lot about how to handle the children under my care. Sometimes, parents may not know that in one way or the other they contribute to rivalries between our children. This course should be made available to today’s parents.

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