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  1. Really enjoyed this month’s topic. It a very vital topic that we all tend to over look without looking at it’s nagetive impact in our homes and the society at large.

    Thank you very much and looking forward to more exciting and educational Topics.

  2. Dorcas Ade

    Awesome and practical course. Sibling rivalry has ruined so many homes and many lives.

  3. It’s really a great course, you just touched some part of my current life challenge. Thanks for giving this piece ma’am

  4. Rita P. Omotayo

    This course has helped me understand some aspects of siblings rivalry better .
    It has shown the need for proper handling of this topic at home and school.

  5. This topic is a very vital one that really need to be taught every time for parents to know the consequences of their actions before time. Siblings rivalry has caused more harms than good in somany homes. The society at large needs to be enlightened on the negative effects of rivalry.

    Thank you so much ma’am for this topic. God bless you ma.

  6. Thank you ma for this lessons it will go a long way, I really appreciate your effort put in place, this rivalry happens every where but you have given me some hints to handle it all, God bless you ma always.

  7. A very beautiful and insightful topic. A lot of parents need to learn to manage sibling rivalry before it gets out of hands.

    Looking forward to discussing this with other parents.

  8. Thank you for this topic, it’s a very beautiful and insightful one. A lot of parents need to learn to manage sibling rivalry before it gets out of hands.

    Looking forward to discussing this with other parents.

    Thank you

  9. Thank you ma for this beautiful topic. I believe it’s a topic every parent must be aware of ‘Sibling rivalry’ so as not to give room for strife among siblings but rather build a strong bond for the friendly and lasting relationship among siblings.
    Once this is established, even in our absence, siblings can see themselves as ‘collaborators’ and not as ‘competitors.

    Thank you for all you do Coach🙏

  10. This month topic is a very important topic, I have really learnt a lot about Siblings Rival. It is an eye opener for me. I promise to use the knowledge I gain from the training to teach young mothers too. Thank you so much Mrs Helen for this innovation.

  11. Thanks ma for this topic 🙏
    Siblings rivalry has taken so much from me and my siblings till date.
    Parents need to know the consequences of their actions before it’s too late.
    Bless you ma

  12. This topic is very engaging and important in our present day parental responsibilities. Most of us are knowingly or unknowingly part of the problem. With a knowledge like this, both parents and caregivers can change the narrative.

  13. A very interesting and practical topic. Sibling rivalry exists and should be handled carefully.
    Thanks for this lesson.
    Really insightful.

  14. Wow! What an interesting topic. A very important topic that we all over look without knowing has a nagetive impact in our homes and the society.

    Thank you very much ma for all you do

  15. Beautiful scenario and excellent teaching on parents and facility/School relationship
    Thank you Ma’am that I am part of this learning process

  16. Wow!! This course is a great one, I enjoyed it, not for my parent alone but for my self. Thanks so much for this.

  17. I am fully convinced that my joining this group is not by accident it’s God divine arrangement this is because of answers I ve bn getting to all the questions I ve looking for answers to for years here is a very critical problem in my home I have looking for how to solve thank you so much Mrs Helen you are God sent

  18. This is a great lesson for all parents and teachers. Sometimes I used to compare my two children but I discovered the younger would always say “ehhhenn I dont know anything hheen thank you” and he would shake his head when I noticed this attitude of his I stopped. I am grateful as this will go along way in helping me to adjust fully.

  19. This course is another area of impact in preparing me for the task ahead of becoming an excellent Childcare professional. I am not taking these courses for granted. More grace to you Ma’am

  20. Honestly, I love this subject and it’s another area of impact. All parent should learn from the everything especially addressing and correcting them individually in love and maturity.
    As it boost love, cooperation, maturity and healthy relationship at home.

  21. This is a reality topic….thank you so much ma. I have learn and relearn. God bless you ma and may this family never know a better yesterday.

  22. Great lessons I must confess, this is an eye opener for me because I have learnt a lot about Siblings Rivalry. Thank you Mrs Helen for this important topic.

  23. Thanks so much ma’am for this topic. (Siblings Rivalry)There was a time my daughter wanted something from me and I refused, then she pleaded, “please mummy listen to me for once, I beg you in name of my younger sister” That was when it dawned on me what has been going on in her head

  24. Thanks for this topic as I have my own share of this issue and I have learnt more how to handle my own kids so they don’t experience what I went through.

    God bless you Mrs. H and this family.

  25. Interesting topics and solution to the problem. Great Opportunity to learn and become better than before. I really appreciate.

  26. This is awesome. You made me remember my immediate family while we were growing up. Thank you ma’am. God will increase your knowledge.

  27. This is a very important topic parents need to be conscious of. A lot of people don’t even know they are creating unnecessary rivalries among their children. We must seek knowledge in order to do better.

  28. This is a serious issue in families. I have seen parents who make it very obvious that a particular child is their favorite.
    Thank you for this topic. There’s a lot to learn from here. Thankfully, I was able to carry my 2year old daughter along when I was pregnant. She’ll help me rub oil on my tummy and would always call the baby’s name whenever he kicks in the tummy. Now the baby is here, she has been the sweetest big sis. Always playing gently around the baby and helps me run little errands like bringing baby’s diaper and stuff like that.

  29. Thanks so much ma for this topic. I have learnt a lot and I now understood why certain things are happening in some families.
    God bless you madam Helen.

  30. It is Avery interesting subject , that has destroyed most homes, but unfortunately in our region it’s not often discussed.
    This it kept causing more damage day in day out, year in year out.

  31. This topic is so crucial, because sometimes my children tend to gang up against each other.
    And honestly most times I am clueless as to how to resolve their differences.
    But I happy for this exposure I have now, this we enable me on how to mediate in their affairs without taking sides henceforth.
    Thank you ma’am.

  32. I really enjoyed the lecture It is so relevant and discussing such issue at Parents Forum will help many of them to work their children

  33. Siblings rivalry is real.
    It takes a conscious and deliberate effort to bring up Siblings without allowing for negative rivalry.
    Thanks madam for this course, it’s really relevant.

  34. It was a fabulous time going through this course. Thank you for touching real life experiences and making me learn a lot about how to handle the children under my care. Sometimes, parents may not know that in one way or the other they contribute to rivalries between our children. This course should be made available to today’s parents.

  35. This is so insightful honestly. I now see how things could’ve been done or should be done differently from the various experience I’ve had in Siblings Rivalry.. thank you ma’am.

  36. This topic is one that should not be neglected as it reminds us of our duties as parents and even as siblings. We need to be deliberate not to allow the siblings rivalry to ruin our families.

  37. The topic is loaded with lessons to be learned both by parents and caregivers to understand how to handle children with love and wisdom as they grow up..

  38. Siblings Rivalry is really an eye opener for me in many areas. I learnt so many things that will equally benefit my parents in my facility.
    Thank you so much Momma Helen for this course.
    Much love ma!😘

  39. Thanks for the course, I have learnt a lot, especially to love my children equally. And to love every child equally, be it at home , school or any where u find yourself taking care of the younger ones. Thanks a bunch, God bless u Mrs H.

  40. For me o had a one on one experience and the topic is quite engaging and would be relevant for managing and informing parents who might be going through stuff in my centre
    Thanks a lot

  41. Thank you so much, this topic is a necessary and important.Every parent or intending ones should be aware of

  42. Wow, what an interesting and insightful piece. This topic cannot be overemphasised as the consequences are far reaching. Every parent needs to be aware of this and be guided in all they do

  43. This is one issue that parents trivialise and I am glad that you thoroughly treated the topic, particularly on the necessary interventions to apply. So much to learn from this topic, thank you so much.

  44. Siblings rivalry, if not well managed , may have long term consequences on the siblings and parents involved.

    Thank you for choosing this topic

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